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so I have a decent video collection, I will not post pictures as I do not want this post linked to my actual account.

my girlfriend of 2 years 25f and me 24f decided we wanted to move in together, she kinda mentioned getting rid of my collection but I thought she was joking so I brushed it off. turns out she wanted me to get rid of my whole video game collection, some of my games are worth some money and I've been keeping them so they can become more expensive. my collection is also 3 years of me thrift shopping and I do not want to throw that away, I tried to explain it but she refused and told me that I did not love her enough to make this sacrifice.

about 2/3 days ago she called me and said it's me or the fucking video games. I chose the games and she hung up on me.

everyone that I've spoken to (excluding a few people) have been telling me I fucked up, and that I should of picked her over some games.



Saw the early score for Aladdin (58%) and decided to look at his recent history. I knew his filmography wasn't going to be Hanks-like but I was surprised at how Rotten it is.

Since his 71% in Enemy of the State in 1998, he has appeared in 20 films.

5 of those films are "Fresh" (I Am Legend, MIB III, Hitch, Pursuit of Happyness, Ali but still haven't cracked 70%.

At the same time, he's got 5 that are 25% or lower (After Earth, Collateral Beauty, Wild Wild West, Bad Boys II, Bright).

If you include his 10 Producer credits, we discover an 86% for Saving Face, an Asian-American family comedy/drama from 2005.


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